The Smith & Company Difference - Superior Customer Service

At Smith & Company, we believe that every customer interaction should be conducted by a passionate individual knowledgeable about our products and services. For that reason, when you contact our HVAC company in MD, you’ll never have to suffer through an endless string of responses from an automated answering system. Instead, your commercial HVAC maintenance and residential HVAC installation questions will be handled personally by a member of our support team. Contact our friendly, professional staff with your most pressing HVAC questions, then schedule your appointment for efficient, effective HVAC repair service or system maintenance. Call us today to experience what makes us the best HVAC Company in Crownsville.

At Smith & Company HVAC, we sincerely appreciate your business and support. Our team members are standing by to answer your questions and address your concerns. When you need a trusted HVAC service with a human touch, don’t browse the web for “air conditioning repair near me.” Simply schedule an appointment with the team at Smith & Company today.


What happens if I experience an HVAC emergency overnight or on weekends?

At Smith & Company, we pride ourselves on offering 24/7 emergency services. We want our customers to enjoy peace of mind, no matter the time or issue. Contact us to keep your home or business safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

Should I contact you directly or schedule an appointment?

The “Contact Us” page on our website is designed to answer general questions regarding our services and provide you with a way to contact us for more information. If you have a question regarding our services, contact Smith & Company today.

How expensive are your services?

Our prices for AC service and repair and central heating repair are extremely competitive, so call us today to request a free estimate. We are happy to talk you through the potential savings you could experience in the long term by addressing HVAC issues promptly.